MAGAZINES: Fixed Mag – Issue 10 Cover

Tom La Marche – Montreal Road Trip
Bike Check – Tyler Johnson’s SKYLMT
Shop Review – Pristine Amsterdam
14 Bike Co – Eurobike Road Trip
Red Bull Mini Drome – 2012
Simon Gomok – Interview
Instants – Touching Traffic
Brascona – Family Album
Red Hook Crit – Milano
Flip Flop – Ruben Bauer
Duality – Restrap

Treadlie: Issue 03

Issue 3 of Treadlie was released just over a week ago and I highly recommened grabbing it.
If your in Australia you can pick it up from most newsagents or if not head online and pick up a subscription from the Treadlie site.

Fixed Leads

Fixed Leads are a Australian fixed gear online magazine. They are only fairly new, starting early last month but are already getting a good responses from shops and companies.

Check em out here

Fixed, And What: Fixed, And One

Fixed, And One has been released. You can download a pdf of it here

The Bike Nerd: Seven Months

Seth W. is the bike nerd (as talked I have previously about here). He left Brooklyn, NY and after 7 months has ended up in Austin, TX via numerous other states.Today he has since released an eBook to recap on this time.

I’ve been following Seth for around 5ish months now so its nice to see the highlights of his time on the road in one place. He has quit his job as editor of Noisecreep in the January. So now he is truly just riding/busing around doing what he wants to do, going where he wants to go.

Purchase his eBook here. (You choose the price.)


Urban Velo: #24

Issue #24 has been released
Features : Escaping Is What I Do Best, Dangerous Business, Catfish And Mandala, India Gallery, Product News and Reviews, On Not Riding, The Wander Map, Stuck Seatpost, Drivetrain Wear, I Love Riding in the City, Residue and No Exit

Download from here

Or purchase a printed copy very soon from here


I was looking at the new deaf pigeon website and was loving the layout, so decided to check out the designers website, who happened to be David Perkins . Looking through his client portfolio I found that he designed the layout and website of a zine called PRJCTGRZLY. I was really feeling like it was a good zine so I ordered one and it arrived today, all the way fron Preston, Lancashire.

The phrase ‘Learn Love’ (Carpathian reference?) is used regularly throughtout PRJCTGRZLY and it fits perfectly. Its all about positively and happiness. Its filled with photos of people around Preston who were asked to write down wht they regarded as a positive message.

My favourite messages would be;
‘Roll forever’
‘Perseverance is the path to success’
and the one that made me smile the most
‘Another day above ground is a good day’

One thing that drew me to PRJCTGRZLY was the fact that it promotes positively. Not in a way that they are forcing happiness down your throat but in a simple and creative way that makes you think, just why was I angry before this.

”Being happy is cool, and it’s the way things should be”

You can grab a copy of the PRJCTGRZLY zine by visiting there website and just ask the guys for one. They are totally free.