BIKES: Superb 2014 Prototype

Superb Bicycles have just released photos of the 2014 prototype frame. Made with light weight 6061 aluminium. The geometry is little more cruisy than there Sprint frame and also lighter when it comes to dishing the bills outta the pocket.

Check out more photos over at Superb

PHOTOS: Brother Cycles hits up Scotland

Brother Cycles recently hit up the Scottish Highlands to test out the new frame ‘Kepler’. 48 hours on the mountain, reports from the lads were the frame held up beyond expectations. Look out for the release soon from Brother Cycles and check out more photos over at there blog ‘Reach Beyond

VIDEO: Pietro Bikes | Winter Ride

This is a promo video of a Pietro Bikes, a small company producing single speed and fixed gear bikes. This was filmed in the centre of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

“Temperatures dropped on unpleasant -5°C on that day and hot tea in a thermos was necessary. Despite these inconveniences simple and beautiful video was born.”

Check out the Pietro Bikes gallery here.

BIKE PARTS: Colossi Spirit Richey Breakaway

Colossi certainly know how to do it. This frame uses the ritchey breakaway system suitable for travelers as it is easy to take apart.

Check out all the photos here

CHARMING CYCLE: Colossi Time Machine

Holy mackerel. So beautiful.

More photos over at the Colossi flickr.

BIKES: Superb – Sprint Limited Edition Colours

Super have released a limited batch of Matte Black Sprints and a limited edition of one Kawasaki Green with sparkle clear coat available from Superb. Chuck them a message if you want to get your hands on either colours.

VIDEO: Volume Bikes – Generator Commercial

An 8 speed built for commuting but built tough to handle any abuse you give it.
Check out all the info on the Volume Generator