CYCLOCROSS: Brisbane South MTB Club Trophies

Bennett Rust designed these wicked trophies for a Cyclocross series to replace a standard wooden plaque. Pretty damn neat.

Check out more of Bennett’s work at his website or tumblr.

VIDEO: 2014 US Cyclocross National Championships

[vimeo 84286421]
Solid compilation of footage from the elite mens race. Well worth watching from Jamie Servaites (He’s got a hoard of CX videos, well worth checking him out).

[vimeo 84176835]
GoPro handlebar footage from John Deibert showing highlights of the course during the 40-44 Mens race.

[vimeo 84010987]
Nice short video of Alex Ryan from Mock Orange Cross showing how its done by hopping the barriers.

VIDEO: MASH SF – Larz Wolvh

[vimeo 84196771]

Larz Wolvh was in San Fran for a month of riding, tattooing and MASH got a pretty sweet video of him well mashing.

Check out Larz tumblr and bigcartel for some goodies.

VIDEO: Chris Dekerf: Dekerf Cycle Innovations

[vimeo 82971972]

“This is the first episode in a series exploring the process behind some high-quality items and the dedication their creators put into their craft.

Chris Dekerf designs and creates custom made-to-order bicycles. He starts with a design unique to each customer and produces a frame that’s hand made in his workshop every step of the way. The dedication to his craft is obvious and even after 25 years in business he is always looking for ways to improve the frame-building process.”

Check out Chris’s work over at dekerf

VIDEO – FGFS: Krewl | Apeteaser #1

[vimeo 83965780]

If this is just the start of the videos from Krewl, then you’d expect there would be big things to come from the lads from France.

Check all the info out over at Krewl

PHOTOS: Brother Cycles hits up Scotland

Brother Cycles recently hit up the Scottish Highlands to test out the new frame ‘Kepler’. 48 hours on the mountain, reports from the lads were the frame held up beyond expectations. Look out for the release soon from Brother Cycles and check out more photos over at there blog ‘Reach Beyond

VIDEO: Pietro Bikes | Winter Ride

This is a promo video of a Pietro Bikes, a small company producing single speed and fixed gear bikes. This was filmed in the centre of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

“Temperatures dropped on unpleasant -5°C on that day and hot tea in a thermos was necessary. Despite these inconveniences simple and beautiful video was born.”

Check out the Pietro Bikes gallery here.