CYCLOCROSS: Brisbane South MTB Club Trophies

Bennett Rust designed these wicked trophies for a Cyclocross series to replace a standard wooden plaque. Pretty damn neat.

Check out more of Bennett’s work at his website or tumblr.

ART: Cabin Time Art Camp #1

Cabin-Time Art Camp is a roaming artist residency traveling to remote places. The first trip saw 7 artists off to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan Hiking for 4 days of art making, cooking, storytelling, wood-chopping and cabin-keeping.

A bunch of photos are up on flickr. Check ’em out
You can also follow the adventures of Cabin Time on tumblr.

ART: Road Signs

Seen over at cyclivist

ART: Geoffrey Holstad – As Promised

VIDEO: The Holstee Manifesto – Lifecycle Video

“The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community.

The LifeCycle Film came about as a desire to bring the energy and passion behind the Manifesto to life through something we love–biking. As we seek to live mindful lifestyles that leave a positive impact on the people and world around us, biking has become a passion that is much more than a transportation alternative. It is a way of fully experiencing the city we love and all of its details.

This Film is a celebration. It is a celebration of gatherings, of diversity, of life, and of the beauty of shared experience. We hope you enjoy.”

ART: Geoffrey Holstad – No Bad Day

SRAM: Part Project

46 artists were given a box of 100 SRAM components and were to make something out of it. The pieces will be auctioned off online with all proceeds being donated to World Bicycle Relief.

Check out the whole project here