CYCLOCROSS: Brisbane South MTB Club Trophies

Bennett Rust designed these wicked trophies for a Cyclocross series to replace a standard wooden plaque. Pretty damn neat.

Check out more of Bennett’s work at his website or tumblr.

VIDEO: 2014 US Cyclocross National Championships

[vimeo 84286421]
Solid compilation of footage from the elite mens race. Well worth watching from Jamie Servaites (He’s got a hoard of CX videos, well worth checking him out).

[vimeo 84176835]
GoPro handlebar footage from John Deibert showing highlights of the course during the 40-44 Mens race.

[vimeo 84010987]
Nice short video of Alex Ryan from Mock Orange Cross showing how its done by hopping the barriers.

ACCESSORIES: Moots Cycles | TI Stick

Moots are selling TI sticks to benefit Bicycle Colorado.

Are you wondering what a TI stick is? Yeah me too. Turns out a TI stick is a rod of Titanium with a stop at each end and a small piece of said metal inside it. These when jiggled around resemble the sound similar to that of a cowbell.

Purchase from Moots online store.

VIDEO: Rapha Supercross Series 2012

VIDEO: Grizzly Adam | UTCX Halloween ‘Cross 2012

So good to see a heap of people turn out for a bit of cyclocross on Halloween.