COLLECTED: Road Runner Scrap Hip Bag

Back in October I got an email from Brad asking if I would like to review one of his hip bags. I was pretty much keen as a bean. So after receiving it in November, a few months off, a bit of travel and a bit of testing it’s time I finally review it.

The bag I received was the scrap bag. These were made from what the name suggests, scraps. This means every bag is unique and being a massive indie hipster kid that’s perfect for me.

First impressions were how colourful it was and just how much you can fit into such a small bag without it being uncomfortable.

After a ride or two with it. I went travelling over to the eastern states for a week or so. I knew it would come handy in some aspect. So it became my bag of those little travels items that you need to be able to get at some point without rummaging through your bags. Toothbrush, medication, coinage, spare keys and deodorant ending up in there and it was just perfect. Easy to find with it’s bright colours and the size was just perfect.

The finer aspects of the bag. Measures 6″ long, 2″ wide and 7″ high. Features a waterproof liner, key loop, a small internal divider and u lock holder on the outside. 2 loops to fit on belts with ease. (This has now been changed to one larger loop.)

Thanks to Brad for the bag. Check out Road runner bags over at WordPress and the Bigcartel. Bags are super cheap in comparison to most other companies so well worth checking out if your in need.

Sexy Bicycles: Release Two – PULSE

Oh shit this is one killer release from Sexy Bicycles.

Full Carbon, made to order, fixed gear with or without brakes and handlebar options.

‘PULSE’ deserved more than just the one photo that I have done for other bikes. Limited to 5 being produced. This is well and truly a sexy bicycle, the whole colour scheme, just everything about it is amazing.

Check out Sexy Bicycles here

MUSIC: The Gaslight Anthem/Brian Fallon

Brian Fallon is the lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem, a band that best fits into the genre of folk punk.

Not a massive review today but just re watched this acoustic version he did of the song ‘She Loves You’ from there 2010 release ‘American Slang’. Brian displays such strong emotions when he sings, something that is becoming a rarity in music nowadays, and this video portrays it perfectly. He is almost in tears by the end of it.

Check out The Gaslight Anthem on itunes.

Highly recommend Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts (from Señor and the Queen), Great Expectations, The Backseat and Here’s Looking at You, Kid (all from The ’59 Sound) and We’re Getting A Divorce, You Keep the Dinner (from Sink or Swim).

Sexy Bicycles: Release Two – BIOLOGY

BIOLOGY is made to order, available as, 8 speed (Shimano Alfine) Single Speed (White Industries free wheel) or Fixed.

BIOLOGY features a chrome and maroon colour scheme, who knew they could look so good together.
Definitely look at purchasing a bike from Release Two of Sexy Bicycles.

Check out Sexy Bicycles here

Burro Bags: Spring 2011 Preview

Burro Bags have released 3 of the prototype bags from the Spring release.

They feature 1000D Cordura, upcycled highway billboard interior, removable ergonomic padded strap, velcro and buckle closure, double front pockets and divided interior pockets. The bags are one of a kind at the moment and are at a reduced price to the upcoming release. They are pretty good sized, coming in at 1400 cubic inches.

Check them out at the Burro Bags store here

Also if you sign up for the mailing list you get free stickers plus get put into the draw to win a Hip Bag and when its your birthday month you get a special coupon. Sign up here

Sexy Bicycles: Release Two – HEAT

HEAT is made to order, available as, 8 speed (Shimano Alfine) Single Speed (White Industries free wheel) or Fixed.

A bike that would definitely get noticed. Bullhorns will forever be the death of me.

Check out Sexy Bicycles here

Sexy Bicycles: Release Two – HALO

I’m loving how photos are slowly being released of each bike of Sexy Bicycles release two.

HALO is the classic white bike and its pretty good looking. It appears to be an internal 8 speed, but with FRESH it may give you the opportunity to choose what you want. I shall confirm this later.

Check out Sexy Bicycles here