VIDEO: Standfast Downhill Skateboarding Crew | Preview

Going down hills fast on a bike is fun.

Going down hills fast on skateboards is a whole different story.

Major respect for these lads.

VIDEO: Revival – 2011

Revival is a series of shorts that showcase certain time periods. It could be a year, a month, a week or any amount of time. The idea is to showcase a period of time and remember it through video.

Filmed in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, & San Diego California, New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, Grand Cayman & Jamaica.

Skateboarders featured: Rhett Freeman, Candler Woods, Travis Glover, Jordan Trahan, Jordan Lucas, Clint Peterson, & Max Geronzi.

Filmed & edited by Chris Thiessen

EVENTS: Figure Eight Premiere

City of Perth production by Ben McCormick and Matt Evans.
Features Barry Mansfield, Dylan Tomlinson, Phillip Marshall, Quayde Baker, Mitch Cunningham and Justin Lloyd.

Premiere over at the Bird on January 9. Free entry 18+.
All info over at the book of face.

SKATEBOARDING: Vans Syndicate – Jailhouse Tattoo Machine

Vans chucked up a how to on a Tattoo Machine made out of things you could obtain in a jail. Check it and made your own.

VIDEO: Blah Skateboards – The Blahsite

A few weeks ago the boys from blah launched there website.
You can still order custom boards or grab one of the regular decks or SideSurfers completes.

Check out blah skateboards