PHOTOS: Brother Cycles hits up Scotland

Brother Cycles recently hit up the Scottish Highlands to test out the new frame ‘Kepler’. 48 hours on the mountain, reports from the lads were the frame held up beyond expectations. Look out for the release soon from Brother Cycles and check out more photos over at there blog ‘Reach Beyond

PHOTOS: Rapha | Road to Everywhere

I like his happiness

Credit: Joe Hall

PHOTOS: Ride Unicorn: Saturdays Ride

Gotta love photos to get you pumped to go for a ride on the weekend… When its only Tuesday.
Mid week ride?

PHOTOS: Ritte Bicycles | Gotta love GIFs

Lets face it, GIFs rule.

Credit: Ritte

ART: Cabin Time Art Camp #1

Cabin-Time Art Camp is a roaming artist residency traveling to remote places. The first trip saw 7 artists off to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan Hiking for 4 days of art making, cooking, storytelling, wood-chopping and cabin-keeping.

A bunch of photos are up on flickr. Check ’em out
You can also follow the adventures of Cabin Time on tumblr.

PHOTOS: Grime – Mike Scmitt Tooth Stall

CLOTHING: Cadence Collection – Purpose Perplex

As you have probably already noticed the new Cadence collection has dropped and its pretty radical.

Video was shot by Werehaus.

Check out the collection and photos for the lookbook by Full Frame Collective