Volume Bikes: Welcomes Matt Spencer

Since leaving Leader the question was who is he going to join next. Turns out its Volume.
New products between Volume and Matt are in the works.

Snow Wall.

The wall of death snow.

Unknown Bike Co. Welcomes Miles Mathia

The Bike Nerd: Seven Months

Seth W. is the bike nerd (as talked I have previously about here). He left Brooklyn, NY and after 7 months has ended up in Austin, TX via numerous other states.Today he has since released an eBook to recap on this time.

I’ve been following Seth for around 5ish months now so its nice to see the highlights of his time on the road in one place. He has quit his job as editor of Noisecreep in the January. So now he is truly just riding/busing around doing what he wants to do, going where he wants to go.

Purchase his eBook here. (You choose the price.)


Ronnie x Connetic

Brian Itzaina

Pretty sick sleeve Brian has got and a lovely statement that that finished it off.

tdo Kit

The guys from trackdropouts have started a pre-order for there kits.
Must say that kits are very classy and well designed. Not a massive fan of Lycra but these are some amazing kits. I’m liking how the colours are brighter colours but not bright that overpowers everything.
They are going all out with jerseys, bibs, arm warmers, wind vest and even a long sleeved skin suit.

Check more pictures out here and you can pre-order here