ART: Cabin Time Art Camp #1

Cabin-Time Art Camp is a roaming artist residency traveling to remote places. The first trip saw 7 artists off to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan Hiking for 4 days of art making, cooking, storytelling, wood-chopping and cabin-keeping.

A bunch of photos are up on flickr. Check ’em out
You can also follow the adventures of Cabin Time on tumblr.

PHOTOS: Fifty Fjords

“Fifty Fjords is a project by two individuals where we visit, ride along, cross or encounter fifty of the numerous fjords that the ice has written into the land we are fortunate to find ourselves in. With this project, we intend to ride further than we have ever ridden, higher than we have ever been, and in every ride to find inspiration to do all over again.

We aim to document our experiences here, both to help keep our eyes open when out on the road, and our memories alive in the future.”
You can follow the adventures of Fifty Fjords guys on facebook, tumblr and vimeo

Mikey Merkenschlager: NYC July/August 2011 book

“I’ve made a book of my photos from the trip to New York I took in July & August. It’s a full colour perfect bound paperback with 60 pages (photos) from the time I spent in NYC – riding and getting lost, meeting people and exploring the big apple. They’re £5 each and it’s a limited run of 100 copies. Postage and packaging is £2 for UK, £3 for Europe and £4 Rest of World.”

Email Mikey at to get a copy

the sun sets yet light floods the sky.

This would have to be my favourite place to take photos. Its the highest place in my suburb, the elevation would only be 15 metres but its just lovely. It just sucks that they are building it all up around there.

Cottesloe: Sunsets.

There is something I love about driving/riding to the beach just in time to watch the sunset. Drove to Cottesloe just before I went out to see some bands play.

A Smoky Sunset

Got some fish and chips before I went and sat at the beach and watched the sunset.
The smoke from the fires in the hills had drifted out and made for a beautiful yet somewhat sad sunset.


Spent a wonderful week in Sydney over New Years.View from the apartment.

Blue Mountains

New Years Eve. Mrs Macquaries Point.

This is how I spent New Years Day. Sitting in hospital for the first 2 hours in the waiting room, only to be told to go home and come back later. Wondering why I was there? The cyst on my ear had grown and gotten infected on New Years Eve.  Mind you it was pretty much a 1cm sphere sitting on the back of my ear. Amazing painful thing.
In the late morning got it lanced and all was good. Got to walk around with a nice bandage on my ear for the first few days of 2011.