COLLECTED: Road Runner Scrap Hip Bag

Back in October I got an email from Brad asking if I would like to review one of his hip bags. I was pretty much keen as a bean. So after receiving it in November, a few months off, a bit of travel and a bit of testing it’s time I finally review it.

The bag I received was the scrap bag. These were made from what the name suggests, scraps. This means every bag is unique and being a massive indie hipster kid that’s perfect for me.

First impressions were how colourful it was and just how much you can fit into such a small bag without it being uncomfortable.

After a ride or two with it. I went travelling over to the eastern states for a week or so. I knew it would come handy in some aspect. So it became my bag of those little travels items that you need to be able to get at some point without rummaging through your bags. Toothbrush, medication, coinage, spare keys and deodorant ending up in there and it was just perfect. Easy to find with it’s bright colours and the size was just perfect.

The finer aspects of the bag. Measures 6″ long, 2″ wide and 7″ high. Features a waterproof liner, key loop, a small internal divider and u lock holder on the outside. 2 loops to fit on belts with ease. (This has now been changed to one larger loop.)

Thanks to Brad for the bag. Check out Road runner bags over at WordPress and the Bigcartel. Bags are super cheap in comparison to most other companies so well worth checking out if your in need.

thesoulsearchers: Stickers

Received my stickers from Henrik yesterday. Only took a week to get from Berlin. Love it.
Thanks to Henrik and the guys at the soul searchers.

If you want to grab some stickers yourself send Henrik an email.


Back when I started this blog I got a message from a lovely lad named Mark saying I should “post a pic of my whip!”. So now I shall finally do that.

Living at home limits me to the amount of bikes I own (2 is pushing it), that and  only just starting a traineeship and my height limits options.

This is my bike, a good old Giant Bowery. The front wheel will definitely be getting changed to a 650c wheel very soon.


Received my PRJCTGRZLY stickers on Friday. 5 printed, 2 hand drawn,a lovely note and a radical envelope.

Love what these guys are doing, just spreading the love everywhere.

Make sure you follow them on twitter because they are constantly giving out free stuff. Shirts have just been given out, lets hope more stuff  is coming soon.

Keep up the good work guys.

COLLECTED: Crumpler Barney Rustle

Yesterday went and purchased a lovely new Crumpler messenger bag. It is my first messenger bag, having been riding with a backpack for a while.

Chose the Barney Rustle, on of the smaller sized bags, measuring at 39 x 27.5 x 21cm. I have found its the perfect size for me being quite small and all. Doing a can test found it can easily fit 8 cans, with plenty of space still available. Wasn’t quite sure what colour I was going to choose, out of red/dark red or black/dark grey. Black does go with just about everything but red is my favourite colour, so having consulted the ‘rents and having a think about it I chose the wonderful red/red combo. Crumpler bags definitely have a large bright colour range which was lovely to see.

First thing I noticed was the Velcro and buckle combination. The Velcro is well sized but to have the buckles there just gives that extra protection… and piece of mind. The safety reflector is in the perfect position and at the full size of the bag makes it perfect for riding at night.

Opening it up you find a nice orange interior split 3 areas, a large open compartment that takes up most of the room, a zipped pocket and a full width pocket split into 3, the centre with Velcro to keep it closed. This pocket comes in handy to chuck the stuff that is needed quickly, with it being easy to access and all.

Putting it on, the strap is easy to adjust and a third leg stabiliser making it super comfy. A cool thing about having any excess strap is that it can be tucked into one of the front accessory loops. The shoulder pad is quite wide and with testing it out my general everyday belongings it was very comfortable.

I haven’t been for a ride with it just yet, the temperatures in Perth have been 37/38 C so not much riding has been happening.

SNDTRCK: Stickers

Soundtrack are a a lovely group of guys all the way from France, couple days ago I received some stickers from them. Going to be sticking these in a few places quite soon.

Soundtrack release an edit each month of there happenings. They are definitely getting better each time. Watch out for these guys, the February edit should be out very soon and they could be a force to be reckoned with one day.

You can also grab some stickers from them, just check out there website here and send ’em an email.

I have been amazed at how many people are producing quality goods and are willing to give them out for even if there on the other side of the world. Its getting the word out though.

Cheers to these guys.


I was looking at the new deaf pigeon website and was loving the layout, so decided to check out the designers website, who happened to be David Perkins . Looking through his client portfolio I found that he designed the layout and website of a zine called PRJCTGRZLY. I was really feeling like it was a good zine so I ordered one and it arrived today, all the way fron Preston, Lancashire.

The phrase ‘Learn Love’ (Carpathian reference?) is used regularly throughtout PRJCTGRZLY and it fits perfectly. Its all about positively and happiness. Its filled with photos of people around Preston who were asked to write down wht they regarded as a positive message.

My favourite messages would be;
‘Roll forever’
‘Perseverance is the path to success’
and the one that made me smile the most
‘Another day above ground is a good day’

One thing that drew me to PRJCTGRZLY was the fact that it promotes positively. Not in a way that they are forcing happiness down your throat but in a simple and creative way that makes you think, just why was I angry before this.

”Being happy is cool, and it’s the way things should be”

You can grab a copy of the PRJCTGRZLY zine by visiting there website and just ask the guys for one. They are totally free.