PARTS: All-City Pursuit Special Track Rings

“Anna has been on us for years about how we don’t have “real” track rings. What she meant by this was not that our 144bcd 612 Track Rings were intangible, false or fiction, but that we didn’t offer them in the larger sizes that velodrome racing requires.

To remedy this situation, rather than just produce larger sizes of our existing rings, we did the totally reasonable and financially sound thing and turned her loose to design the ring of her dreams .”

Check out all the info and more sexy chain ring photos over at All-City

BIKE PARTS: Colossi Spirit Richey Breakaway

Colossi certainly know how to do it. This frame uses the ritchey breakaway system suitable for travelers as it is easy to take apart.

Check out all the photos here

PARTS: Colony – Adjustable Headset Spacer

“A new little product we have out now for 2012 is our new Adjustable Headset Spacer. It is made from hi-impact plastic & will enable various stack heights of 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm & 15mm. Just rotate the spacer around to rest on it’s various steps to get the different stack heights. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.”

Royal HC: Pro Series Trick Track Straps

The Pro Series Trick Track Straps features an added layer of Hypalon™ synthetic rubber which makes your straps last twice as long. The main impact areas have been covered by synthetic rubber to help with scraping and scratching the nylon structure of the strap.

You can check out all the info at the Royal HC wordpress

Affinity x Hold Fast: V2 FRS

After the success of the first Affinity x Hold Fast FRS V2 has been released.
Available online from Affinity


4 inch rise, 22.2 diameter and no crossbar… perfect?

Wit Industries: Fendor Bendor V2.0 Beta

Having purchased the first version of the Fendor Bendor I personally found that because my current frame is 47cm B-B Center to Top I was not able to fit the fendor correctly. It did however fit in my build project which is 50cm-52cm so Wit Industries are definitely doing a good thing in making an extra attachment point for smaller frames.

V2.0 Beta can be purchased online from Pristine Fixed Gear and GEAR Brisbane