The Bike Nerd

Seth Werkheiser is a nomadic bike nerd without a zip code to call home.

He sold almost everything he owned, paid of his taxes, got rid of his iPhone and left Brooklyn, NY in July with a single speed and as much stuff he could fit into his Chrome messenger bag. Less than a month into his trip it had changed to this
And just 2 weeks ago it was this

“This whole journey was inspired by Everett Bogue (go buy his two great ebooks). He was a photo editor at New York Magazine and unhappy, so he quit with $3000 in the bank, threw his stuff into a few bags and flew to Portland, OR. That story alone put me on track to where I can pack all my stuff into my Chrome Bag, ride to the bus station and be in another city in a few hours. I could box and ship my bike for cheap and fly almost anywhere in the United States for about $200 one way.

This lifestyle ain’t for everyone, but the journey has taught me and a few of the people I’ve stayed with many lessons. Use your porch. Enjoy your back yard. Stop checking Twitter when you’re out to dinner with your friends. Rediscover things you used to love. Ditch your iPhone and save $1000 a year. Make your own potato chips. Drink good coffee. Do nice things for people and give lots of hugs. Downsize your home. Stop buying $5 latte’s everyday. Cancel cable. Pay down debt. Live within your means.”

How is he able to do this you may ask? Well because he is the editor of Noisecreep and the founder of Buzzgrinder. Seth can do his work from anywhere there is a wifi connection.
Some of the time he disassembles his bike and hops on a bus and ends up in another town. He gets help along the way. But hes living the life. What Seth is doing, yeah not many people would do. Many would love to but really not many would have the guts to. The fact he is  actually doing it – I have major respect for this guy.

You can follow him here

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