EVENT: BÖIKZMÖIND – Perth Screening

BÖIKZMÖIND is getting screened at the Parts for Polo event on January 28 at the Perth Cultural centre.
Super stoked for this. Thanks to Herman for organizing.

EVENT: Bike Jam – Alleyway Films

“We have a collection of international and local shorts including two Richie Tomassen films: “Los Angelopes” and “Mini Bike Winter” as well as Eric Dyer’s “Copenhagen Cycles”, plus a whole lot more!

We kick off at 7pm on Thursday the 19th of January in Elovalis Lane (Off Little Parry Street, behind the Ellington Jazz Club).

For something a little different this time there will be an optional social bike ride to the event, organised by the lovely folks at Bike Jam. Meet them at 6pm with your bicycle at the corner of Fitzgerald and Aberdeen Street, Northbridge.”

More information over at the book of face here and here

CLOTHING: FIXIEGC x Deceased Estates – Just Pedal Jersey

“With the growing amount of cycling related blogs, it was starting to become aware that not being able to have fun on a bike was good enough. With the hype machine at full bore, it was becoming about what boutique components you have, who made your frame, how many hours you spend on the bike, what psuedo-internet celebrity who you can say you talk with.

Not everyone devotes the same amount of time to cycling and related activities, but at FIXIEGC the name of the game is to have fun.

“Just Pedal, and Forget the Hype””

More info over at FIXIEGC

VIDEO: Blah Skateboards – The Blahsite

A few weeks ago the boys from blah launched there website.
You can still order custom boards or grab one of the regular decks or SideSurfers completes.

Check out blah skateboards

ANNOUCEMENTS: Velocity – Heading to America

“Brothers and partners, Tom and John Black will begin manufacturing rims in Jacksonville, Florida in February 2012. Currently, all Velocity rims are made in Australia, but production will cease in Brisbane by the end of November.

Tom Black, the founder of Velocity, will be relocating from Australia to Florida where he will continue to oversee rim production at Velocity’s new manufacturing factory. Velocity’s distribution centre will continue to operate out of Grand Rapids, Michigan as it has since 1992 and become their worldwide headquarters; with the Australian facility remaining as the distribution centre for the Australian & Asian markets.

Velocity has been Australian made since its beginning in 1988 in Tom’s backyard shed, where he produced the original Velocage, gradually increasing to a handful of rim extrusions and bicycle accessories.

Since then, as demand has increased, we have seen two factory moves, to cope with production and improve efficiency.

As you may know, we have a large foreign client base, including 3 major distributors in the U.S alone.

To help with the current supply & demand of Velocity products, we see this as the best option, to assist supplying our handmade products to our valued customers.

With these changes taking place, we want to re-assure you that we will still be committed, and have the ability to focus solely on supplying you with the same great product and services we have for the past 23 years.

Velocity will now be the only U.S. produced aluminium rim in the cycling industry.
John Black, president of Velocity Worldwide, Inc., anticipates this to further propel the company as a leader in quality, ingenuity and customization, customers have come to love and expect from Velocity”

Its sad to see a top class Aussie company like Velocity leave Australia after starting up and being here for 18 years but you gotta do what you gotta do.

PHOTOS: Fifty Fjords

“Fifty Fjords is a project by two individuals where we visit, ride along, cross or encounter fifty of the numerous fjords that the ice has written into the land we are fortunate to find ourselves in. With this project, we intend to ride further than we have ever ridden, higher than we have ever been, and in every ride to find inspiration to do all over again.

We aim to document our experiences here, both to help keep our eyes open when out on the road, and our memories alive in the future.”
You can follow the adventures of Fifty Fjords guys on facebook, tumblr and vimeo

Superb: Shop Photos

Photos: Jason Hollingsworth