VIDEO: BOgear | How to pack your messenger bag

Considering I am a terrible person in terms of packing bags this is a super handy video from the lads of BOgear.

A list of what time the important stuff is is below. I have highlighted the most important one.

00:34 – How to make your own back pad
01:17 – Messenger bag packing theory 101
01:37 – What I would normally carry with me
02:38 – Padded stuff in first
02:58 – Flat flexible items next
03:08 – Bulky items next
03:19 – Smaller items
03:38 – Why you shouldn’t put your laptop next to your back, and instead where to put it
04:18 – Wallet and pens
04:27 – Deodorant
04:34 – Phone in its dedicated pocket
04:43 – D-lock holster and its advantages
05:05 – Using the front flap clipping points
05:20 – Being a hipster
05:36 – Adjusting the messenger bag correctly

The BOgear guys have a lovely newish (2 months old) designed website so go check it out for more tips and tricks and all the radical stuff.

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