BAGS: GORUCK – Field Pockets

GORUCK make Military grade gear for special forces and adventurers worldwide. Hand built in the USA GORUCK released there ‘Field Pockets’ late last month.

Field Pockets come in 3 sizes. Radio Ruck, GR1 and GR2 to fit with the sizes of the rucksacks available. All Field Pockets feature MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing making attaching/detaching to your bag super quick and easy and as with all good companies GORUCK gear comes with a lifetime guarantee.

RR – 8.86”W x 3.6”H x 3”D. Volume 1.6L
GR1 – 8.86”W x 5.6”H x 3.9”D. Volume 3.2L
GR2 – 8.86”W x 7.6”H x 3.9”D. Volume 4.2L

Available online from GORUCK. Detailed explanations about the Field Pockets can also be found here

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