Giant: Real Riders Sponsorships

“At Giant, we’ve always been proud to sponsor the world’s best riders. They’re a talented (and actually pretty nice) bunch. But we realised that they’re only a tiny proportion of the people who are out there cycling and supporting the sport. We decided that real riders are the real heroes of cycling. They’re the ones who’ve ditched their cars and helped the planet. They’re the ones who are improving their health. They’re the ones who just really love getting out there and having a go. And so they’re the ones we want to give something back to. So instead of just sponsoring the big guys, we’re going to sponsor the little guys too. Real riders may never win a medal, or even a race, but they’re out there in the saddle, every day, riding life.”

Its nice to see a big company like Giant doing this.
Giving away 30 sponsorships worth $1500 – $2500 of products away isnt a small thing.

You can go register at the Real Riders site

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