Fixed Weekly: Wrap Up 16-22 May

Brisbane Outdoor Gear released the BIG bag

Restrap released a Hip Pouch

Deal With It released a Pocket Tees

Prolly released the J.P. Elliot’s Helm of Awe Viking Tees which are now sold out

WOLVH released the Special Edition Wolvh TBM Nicole Lee Tee

Outlier released the 60/30 Shorts

MASH SF released histogram sticker packs in Magenta, Cyan and a Reflective type

ZLOG released some black to white fade stickers

Heavy Pedal released the Bike FXD stickers

Fyxation released a teaser of there 7075 Series Alloy Stem

Grove Street collaborated with Animal and have released the Pivotal Wedge Seat Post

LDG welcomes Forest Parker

Knog opened up entries for KNOG’s Next Top Knoggle

Save Triple Rush facebook page

Video of the Week: rideBLT Fixed Gear Underground Race I

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