Brisbane Outdoor Gear: The Big Bag

So this bag is the big bag. The big bag is big. Some would say massive. They are special, so special in fact that they won’t be up on the store. They can be ordered if you send ’em an email and ask nicely but because the big bag is big it won’t cheap.its good quality though, built specifically for messengers so its tough and durable.

Rootbeer shows off how big this bag is… By carrying 35kg of goodies in his bag.
Now all BO Gear need to do is release an XS backpack for little people like myself. They have the medium sized Chunky Toad which is a SUPER generous medium. I would class it as large.

Check out all the details and more photos of the massive big bag here.

2 Comments on “Brisbane Outdoor Gear: The Big Bag”

  1. BOcrew says:

    Hey, thanks for the post!

    Yup, this one is MASSIVE. And the Chunky Toad is also quite large for a medium bag… but on the flip side your dreams are about to come true…

    We ARE working on a small bag! I’ll make sure to keep you posted about it 😉

  2. emily. says:

    No problems guys.

    Good to hear. Looks like i’ll be saving for a new backpack then.

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