Chari & Co.: 2011 Cycling Jersey

“Last fall, we made a small run of Chari & Co. kits for the people who have been instrumental in helping our little shop survive and thrive over the years. The response was incredible, and we are now pleased to offer them to the wider Chari family—our beloved customers. Designed by Carl Rauschenbach, our jersey and shorts are bold, colorful, and incredibly eye-catching. Two of Japan’s most rugged riders, Shino (2008 CMWC champion) and Hal (of Nike’s London to Paris project), have been putting our kits to the test for months—and they’ve confirmed that they are as comfortable and well-made as they are beautiful.

We’re selling our kits at extremely competitive prices: $85 for the jersey and $95 for the shorts. We’d be honored if you’d consider representing Chari & Co. when you’re in the saddle.”

Grab ’em here

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