I made a couple of stickers to test out some designs. Be ordering proper ones once i have finished a new (not so well drawn and edited) anchor logo. Thinking 2 sets at the moment, a small text logo(similar to above) and the anchorl
Gotta love stickers.

So this is what i generally what i have carrying in my Crumpler barney rustle. You don’t realise how much stuff you have until it all gets laid out.
Currently holds;
Ride Journal – Issue 5; Bought this 3 weeks ago but haven’t got around to reading it yet.
Desk diary and notepad
Eclipse mints tins – 1 actually has mints, the other coinage
Pen, highlighter
Stanley knife
Cateye computer
Black book; Songwriting, memorable lyrics/movie scores
Moleskine grid book; Drawings and designs
Y tool
Guitar picks
Plastic spoons; I’m the sort of person that takes food to work and forgets to take a spoon, so these come in handy.
120gb Ipod classic; Currently holding 10452 songs, 194 videos, 83 podcasts, 22 photos and 3 games
Wallpaper City Guide: London; Currently my goal is to go to England once my traineeship is up. Reminds me why i’m doing what I do.
Red back light; I don’t really plan when I go riding so this is comes in at handy at nights.
White and Black electrical tape; Tape is handy when something breaks on rides. For a while it held together my bottle holder.
Happy Birthday tin; This is my equivalent to having a wallet. Currently holds my bank card, drivers license and skippers ticket (Just in case I need to hop on a boat and skipper it)
17 tooth cog
Front white light.
The rest of the cards that normally would be in a wallet but don’t fit in mine.

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