Survival of the fittest

“It’s the hatred of losing, more than the joy of winning, that keeps me going on, pushing myself harder and harder, and never being satisfied”


A gentle one-hour ‘recovery session’ outdoors, before reappearing on the track for an afternoon session. ‘This session is all about acceleration, which is a key component for a sprinter, who either has to accelerate away from her opponent from the front or accelerate past her from behind, from virtually any distance out from the finish line. I tend to do between four and 12 races on the track in the session, all at maximum effort again, and in times ranging from six-and-a-half to 30 seconds. It’s pretty painful stuff, but it has got to be done.’

Read more about what Victoria Pendleton as well as Wayne Bridge and James Haskell do every week for training here.

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