Envy – Recitation

Envy is a band that could easily fit under both post-rock and hardcore . Having been around since 1992 Envy have had plenty of time to build on their sound and in their latest album Recitation I feel they have found the perfect mix. The combination of ambient slow guitar and spoken word to change of harsh distorted guitars and screaming vocals keeps me captivated and although I barely understand a word they are saying, due to the fact they speak Japanese, you can feel the emotion that Tetsuya Fukagawa is putting into each and every song.

Below is a video of one of my favourites from Recitation, ‘Worn Heels and the Hands We Hold’

Envy can be found on facebook, myspace, sonzai records and itunes(Clicking on any of the album art to take you to the itunes links.)

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