SEVENt7, a brand that designs products that foreruns and surpasses the new experience. We began preparing in 2008 and was launched in 2009.

SEVENt7’s staff consists of designers and members from various fields such as industrial design, fashion design and graphic design. And consequently, our experienced designers have come together to produce creative and innovative products that not only keeps pace with the rapid changes in the fashion market, but actually attempts to go one step ahead.

Our goal is to design products that fits each and every consumer who enjoys the visual charm rather than targeting a specific group of consumers.

We do not make our products in any other country, it is purely made in Korea, and we do this in order to provide our consumers with the utmost quality. In addition, we promise to provide our consumers with the best possible service and products.

As we attempt to make products that binds the world together, we use the five champion colors as SEVENt7’s identity as it means “Unity of the World”.

The use of the champions colors fit well on there products. Selling shirts, messenger + rolltop bags, hip pouches and accessories SEVENt7 have a wide range of products to fit every cyclist.

The hip pouch is very versatile as it can either be used by its waist belt,  by connecting directly to your pants or by throwing it over your shoulder.

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